From Portland, Oregon, Madame Torment is a powerfull girl ban with a true rock and heavy metal sound. They are inspired by his experiences, emotions and everything that surrounds them and makes them vibrate his heart.

The first song I heard from them was "Bad Girls" and heard in them a brutal honesty, a sound that shakes the whole body and makes you scream. His music releases you, makes you have fun, feel, hear in them a pure feeling that they want to share with as many people as possible. Madame Torment is a sound that spreads quickly and intensely. I hope to hear a full album from them.

Current Members 

Elsa Faith - Vocals
Erin Elizadeth - Lead Guitar
Ashey Luna - Bass
Camille Denny - Drums
Hellkat Elise - Rhytm Guitar

How do you define Madame Torment?, Who is Madame Torment?
Elsa Faith: 'Madame Torment' was founded by Erin Elizadeth (Guitars) & Elsa Faith (Vocals) in the summer of 2011. After a few line up changes, we finally got introduced to Ashley Luna (bass) and Camille Denny (drums).Our sound combines the elements of 80s dirty rock n' roll and 90s female angst. Just imagine Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Slash & Janis Joplin were partying and then they decided to make an epic band. That band is Madame Torment.
Erin Elizadeth: To me, Madame Torment is the empowerment of women, rock n' roll and individuality. We started this band hoping that people in this town, and everywhere, would realize how many young women there are that want to rock just as hard as the boys, and can. To me, Madame Torment is not just a band, it's an idea that represents so much more than just talented female musicians! We all take a little piece of who we are, and where we came from, and mesh it into this one fierce project of badass rock n' roll.
Where do you inspire to get your sound? 
EF: Erin & I do all of the songwriting right now and we both have a similar lifestyle. So, our inspirations come mostly from parties, relationships, hate mails and just everyday life. Then if one of us present an idea of a new song, the other will just get it and then the rest of the gang will input their feelings into the song structure.
EE: My inspirations come from all over the place. I grew up on classic rock, 60's rock and heavy metal. I always had an affinity for many decades and styles of rock n' roll . All our lyrics come from places we've been, feelings we've felt, and the lives we've lived through. It's all relative to who we are, and that's what makes it so personal and special. If you love us, piss us off, make us feel good or bad, you can bet we'll write a song about it!
Which bands are you're inspiration? 
Camille Denny: My inspirations... I would have to say the people who went out and did what they wanted. They had the crazy clothes, music and attitudes. Some people hated it at first but it grew on them and they changed the music world. I love the Classic Rock n Roll! Being a drummer I do look up to some people, like Cindy Blackman , Sheila E, Travis Barker, Neil Pert, John Bonham, and many more.
Ashley Luna: My musical inspirations are Ramones, Distillers, Motley crue, Ghost, Queen, ABBA, Kiss, Motorhead, etc... I can always appreciate passion and melody in music if something sounds good to me. I'm always open to many different genres and styles because I'm not afraid to listen to new things but my heart stays with Rock n' Roll through and through.
EF: Just adding to what Camille and Ashley have already said, musicians who are genuinely true to their music turn me on. However, I cannot deny the fact that bands such as The Cranberries, Helloween, X-Japan, No Doubt, Garbage, Aerosmith, GNR, Rolling Stones, Placebo and many more, helped fuel the passion in me.
EE: Most people know me as a true 80's glam and heavy metal girl. That is one of the main reasons I picked up guitar and wanted to be a rockstar. Bands like Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, Judas Priest, WASP, Black n' Blue, LA Guns, etc. But I also have drawn a lot of inspirations from 60's and 70's rock like The Zombies, and The Eagles, all the way to ABBA and Megadeth. I love a lot of different styles, and anything that touches my soul, or just makes me want to stand up and shout, and headbang can get me going. I have to say my two biggest influences of all time are Alice Cooper, and early Bon Scott era AC/DC. The moment I heard AC/DC, and found Angus Young and Bon Scott, my life changed. The same thing happened when I first heard Alice Cooper. They were definitely game changers, and hold a special place in my heart.
Which one is your favorite song of Madame Torment, and why? 
CD: My favorite Madame Torment song has to be "Get Out" because we all put our time and creative juices into it and we really made it a badass song. Ashley (bass player) and me love playing, so much energy and it is just a power house of a song. I love all the songs, but this one always is my favorite to play and there will be many more songs to come in the future.
AL: My favorite Madame Torment song is 'Party till you puke (live it up)' simply because it truly represents what it's all about to have fun and be a rocker, even though I love every song we play 'Party' just seems to bring out the shine in everyone playing it, plus it's fun to dance to.
EF: This is like asking which one is your favorite child but then, it is not, so I shall pick a song just for you! As of 2013, I really love to sing my heart out to "Get Out". I am not usually angry but when I do, that is my theme song
EE: That's tough. Being one of the sole song writers in this project, so many different songs and lyrics mean something to me. I love playing them all, and have fun playing them all, though certain songs stand out for different reasons. One of my favorites to play, musically, is Lethal Teaze. It's such a high energy tune, and usually we open up with that, and it gets the crowd going. As far as lyrics go, I helped write the music and lyrics for Midnight and Get Out, and they both have personal stories behind them. Midnight I wrote about a hopeless, painful, cheating relationship I was in, and Get Out was inspired by all the toxic people in my life, and that surrounds our band. Both send a message that I want everyone to hear!
It was difficult to increase in the musical ground? 
EF: Just like any other business (yes, music is business and not a hobby to us), it is not easy. However,with technology and all the social media we have these days, it still helps to be diligent. Persistence is the key. Never give up! 6) Where is the best place to hear Madame Torment? EF: I'd say driving on the highway with no speed limit would be the best place. In the real world though, if you get the chance, listen to us LIVE. We definitely feed lots energy to the audience!
Where we can hear the music of Madame Torment? 
EF: Our music's mostly on our reverbnation.com/madametorment page but our facebook.com/madametorment page is linked to it as well. You can also check out our website madametorment.wix.com/madametorment for songs and other more personal stuff. If you really can't find our tunes at all, just email us at madametorment@gmail.com. One of us will definitely answer you, if you're nice enough
What are the plans for Madame Torment? 
EF: We are pretty much booked this year as far as live shows go but we hope to play outside of Portland early next year. We always have a different marketing strategy compared to most local bands and that definitely keeps us going. We just released a brand new single, "Party Til You Puke (Live It Up)" which we recorded at our good friend, Kevin Hahn's Opal Studio. It was an awesome recording session and we are in the midst of releasing physical copies of the single really soon. Also, we have songs to actually make a full length so it's possible that we'll go into the studio again to record our first album! Keep a lookout for that!, also we have a 3 song EP.

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