You know what i'm like giving out little tasks for people who are bored and want to be part of getting my music out there - and I have better and better music inside me I am writing and be excited!

Anyway I have posted about this on facebook and its kind of for fun but also true, firstly I have a new performance video up online, for my newest song "The Meaning Of Life" and I would love for you to see it because I think you'd like it. Its at we filmed it at an abandoned quarry that has over time become a river and theres a cool bit halfway in where you see the rivers reflection of the sky and its like the sky is below me... anyway...

The guy who made the video is busy on other videos so he cant work on the other FOUR performance videos we did but he said if I help him by getting him lots of hits and more subscribers, he will put the rest up. So we are aiming to get him 100 new subscribers to his unsigned artists video page on youtube and 3,511 views to my meaning of life video - please just post it anywhere you think people might dig it, in groups and fanpages of similar artists, whatever, whenever you are looking for something to do this would be a great help.

Thanks for reading this far!!! I am writing and writing and good stuff is coming soon!


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