Josh Doyle, folktronic artist as producer, composer, musician and writer share the new experiences about his new album, "SONGS FOR THE NUCLEAR WAR"

.-How would you describe this album? How do you feel when SONGS FOR THE NUCLEAR WAR was ready?
With Songs from the Nuclear War I decided to spread out making the album over months and record the songs at home here in my studio. So every few months, new songs are ready and that week i will put them up for sale, its really cool to make something and have it available so soon! I would describe this album as Bob Dylan meets Green Day meets Cat Stevens meets Radiohead. I am very passionate when I play this music. It was an achievement for me when the first songs were ready because I had to learn how to record in my studio and that took some time, so I felt happy to have learned how to use the studio by myself and also to have new songs that were as good as any other songs I have written.

.-In witch place you imagine when you hear this record?
I see myself in a post apocalyptic world in this album, thinking over my past life and wondering what the meaning of life is.

.- Listening to some of your songs i feel some nostalgic and somewhat depressed. I feel the record sandy, rocky an intense. A really nuclear devastated world. Where do you get inspired to find this color?

Wow those are very vivid feelings. I aim to bring people to a place of truth with my music, that they will look at their lives and figure out where they are going and who they are. I get

.-If you were a ghost, what would you do? Would you try to change something? You would like to change something in people when they hear your record?
If I were a ghost I would probably go to the places that I shouldnt lol. I would see friends and loved ones and how they really live when no one is looking and I would love to go to holly wood and see what the rich and famous lives are really like. I would like to change people in that they would not just carry on with their lives but would look at the world and look at themselves and change for the better, to reach their potential.

.- How do you feel when you play live you’re songs?
I enjoy the reaction people give me when I play my songs and they identify with them. I really get passionate playing the songs.

.-In you’re free time, witch records or bands you usually hear?
Lately I have been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, The Replacements, Keith Green, Soundgarden, Ryan Adams, Jimmy Eat World, Johnny Cash, John Prine, The Killers, Oasis...

.-If a nuclear bomb exploded in this moment, and you have some few time, what five things would you will take with you?

I would take my family lol, also my guitar, laptop, my lyric books, my ipod, cellphone -- not very glamourous I know... but i could live a normal life with just those things

Josh Doyle, thx for you’re time, is was really Amazing.

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