From Dublin, Ireland, Kopek is defined as an Irish rock band formed by the drummer Shane Cooney and bassist Brad Kinsella who were neighbors and shared his passion for classic rock and modern. Daniel Jordan, vocalist, came to be the first to respond  the announcement of Shane Kinsella in a music magazine.

Over several competitions, they gained public and musical presence. For 2005 would win the "Best Live Act" at the "Global Battle Of The Bands" would sign a contract with  "Religion Music" for 2009 to release their debut album "White Lies Collars"

Arriving in the United States on tour, from January to July, they promote his first album. Her single "Cocain Chest Pains" became the number 25 in the U.S. propularidad and top ten in Canada. In 2012, Kopek signs a contract for the European release of "White Collar Lies" launched as a single, "Love is Dead"

Shane, Brad and Daniel share a little of his vision, the music, the experiences of Kopek to achieve their hard rock sound.

1.- Who is Kopek? 
Kopek are a tree piece rock act hailing from Dublin Ireland.   

How do you describe?
We would describe ourselves as a band who took our musical influence from old school rock n roll, from our believes, to our live shows and to our general attitude towards how we think rock n roll should be done today.

 How to see yourself?
We play straight up rock n roll and we have a lot say in our music from our experiences. We try speak about things that most musicians in this day & age won't go near. Ie , War ,Politics, Greed, Drugs, Human race. We see ourselves as a band who are trying something different, there is to many clone bands in modern RnR. We see ourselves as breath of fresh air to the rock listener! 

 2.-  What element makes you different to other rock bands?
 No gimmicks! What you see is what you get. We try concentrate on our songwriting & live shows and not worrying about the next big fad. We write about topics that are important to us and important to anyone who remotely takes an interest in what's happening in our screwed up World today! Most bands don't have a message or story in there song writing. Just a jumble of words that sounds cool,  a lot of bands concentrate more on making them out to sound like they are the shit, when we all know there more than likely just a bunch of pussies lol! Song writing is a dying art in modern rock today. 

 Which element bring your audience?
Many elements can bring an audience, our audience comes to Kopek because we sound different to everybody else in modern rock today. Everybody including Kopek is looking for the next big thing, something new , something fresh, Something that stands for something & something that's is believable.  Maybe our audience sees that in Kopek????

 3.- What's behind your sound?
Our sound is 3 guys playing our instruments hard & loud and playing our hearts out.  We all bring something unique to the band in playing style & sound. We all like the same music and believe it should done in a certain way. In a 3 piece the sound can be huge, bigger than any four or five piece. In a 3 piece there so little going on just the basics so everybody needs to really up there game. And you can hear that! There is a special chemistry that 3 pieces have. Just take Nirvana for example. 

 How did the rock tone bring the brand?
We are big fan of hard rock, so getting that big rock drum & bass sound & getting that nasty cut through distortion was a must when making the album.We spent many a day in the studio analysing our sound and we are always trying to improve it. You can never know enough and should always be learning and trying new things in music. Don't pigeon whole your sound or it will get very boring for you & the audience very quickly. Our tone wasnt luck, it was a well thought out RNR beast! 

 4.-How do you describe you´re music?
Hard Rock N Roll soul music from Dublin Ireland :) 

5.-Talk about you´re album “White Collar Lies” how was the process to get to your album? 
White Collar Lies was worked/recorded in around 3 months in total. We recorded in old stone wheat mill that  was converted into a recording studio. The live room was an amazing room to work in. We spent most of the time really working the songs on the album and trying to put together something that was great from start to finish. Our mission statement was to record & produce an album that didn't drop in song quality as the album went on. As music buyers ourselves we found in today's music you could buy an album and there would be only 2 or 3 good songs on it??? In this day an age it seems acceptable to to release an album that as long as there is 2 singles on it who cares what other shit we record on this! We can't stand this bullshit approach. Money is hard to find these days so if someone buys your album you better make it all great! From feedback from press & our fans we think we have reached our goal! 

 Which one was the biggest inspiration event to achieve this record? 
Finishing the record was are greatest achievement. When recording an album the band goes through all the emotions. Its an emotional roller coaster when you are making an album. There wasn't a better feeling getting the final mixes back and hearing all the hard work blood sweat and tears that we put into that record. That was a beautiful thing. We are so happy with how the album turned out. We set out with a goal and we believe we reached it.

6.-Which one was the biggest lie you confront?
Unfortunately we live in a world that we are told massive lies to us every day. Lies from your government, lies for the media, lies from whoever is trying to get one up on the little man! WCL was inspired from a bunch of lies that was told to us that resulted in wars, poverty and crippled global economy that has this planet and people on there hands and knees. We say no more lies and bullshit, FIGHT THE POWER! 

7.- How does it feel to play your music?
As any musician will say the exact same thing. Playing live is the reason why we do it. Its the ultimate BUZZ you get from playing music live. Beats any drug or drink you could ever take! And its also more additive to. Once you finish a show you wanna go straight away again.You gotta sift through a lot of bullshit in the business to actually get to play & tour and get to the music to the people but in the end its totally worth it. Best job in the world if you can get it! But there ain't that many interviews for it unfortunately :)

 How do you describe you´re audience?
 A wild bunch of people who like to get involved and have a great time! Oh yeah, they are also very sexy & intelligent people to, just in case any of them are reading this. LOL

 8.- which one is really good form to combat the corruption? How do you confront them? 
As musician's our way of dealing with this and confronting corruption is to write about it in our music, we try get our point of view across and hopefully that's enough to at least to get people to question or ignite a spark for a badly need change to our way of society.We are not a political band but how can we not write about whats going on around us when its so clearly staring us in the face! 

 9.- which one is you´re favorite song in this record and why? 
Changes daily, LOVE IS DEAD is great to play live because that's when we know you get the crowd going wild no matter how bad the gig could be. At the moment from the album point of view we would have to agree that Easy Way (DB cooper) is our favorite. But if you ask us next week it will have changed again.

10.- Where is the best place to hear you´re music?
Itunes and all other good music outlets. Our first single "LOVE IS DEAD" is been released digitally on April 30th and the Album "WHITE COLLAR LIES" get its release on March 12th.

Go out and buy it, if you like good honest Rock N Roll you will not be disappointed!

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