Pues ya conocen a está banda indi/rock formados en Bellingham, Washington allá por 1997. Tomando por nombre Death Cab For Cutie por la canción sátira interpretada por Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band en su álbum de 1967 Gorilla.

Así que aquí les dejo su nueva producción, Narrow Staris. Lanzado en Mayo del 2008. Grabdo por: Walla and Will Markwell at Two Sticks Audi y producido por: Chris Walla.

Cris nos platica del disco en su blog y en el blog de la banda:

We've been hearing lots of feedback about Narrow Stairs, most of it really positive. But it comes to us through the weirdest filters - forwarded on from the assistants of the heads of the most important web outlets in all of Lower [insert name of region here], through management, and in context with a bunch of stuff we don't need to read. So by the time it gets cut and we see it, it goes something like:

DCFC record is AWESOME, can't wait till they're here

This is, of course, fantastic news; we're enormously proud of this album. As in the previous post, though, I can't wait for you to stop hearing about it, and start hearing it. Only 13 days now until the first show, at which point we will BURN BREMERTON TO THE GROUND.

Umm, not really. But rehearsals are sounding great and I think it'll be a good show. Ben's got an amazing new amp that our resident guitar genius Jesse Quitslund built.

Be safe.

- Chris

.-Bixby Canyon Bridge
.-I Will Possess Your Heart
.-No Sunlight
.-Talking Bird
.-You Can Do Better Than Me
.-Grapevine Fires
.-Your New Twin Sized Bed
.-Long Division
.-Pity and Fear
.-The Ice Is Getting Thinner

Y para que no digan, aquí les dejo tambien algunas rolas en vivo de este mismo disco.

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